Another Great Tip for Home Workers

For the past six years I have worked freelance in the data entry industry. I love everything about what I do, from making my own hours, to not having to deal with a boss. One of the few things that isn’t that great is that I have no way to prove to anyone how much money I make unless I print out my tax forms which can be a real hassle. Recently though I found a great alternative, a check stub maker. I input the required information and they print out my pay stub and it looks just the same as if I were still working a regular job. I was able to use this to show a prospective landlord how much I make per week. It also will help when I apply for my next car loan.

My next tip for other people who do not have traditional jobs is to keep really good records. You never know when you might need to go back and figure out how much you made in a given year. A perfect example is just recently a company I had contracted for got themselves embroiled in a class action lawsuit. They agreed to pay one dollar for every dollar they originally paid out to their workers. Thanks to my exemplary record keeping skills, I was able to figure out exactly what I was owed and wrote to them when the amount they sent me was a little off. Other people who hadn’t done the same as me had no recourse but to just accept whatever that company offered them because they had no way to prove it was incorrect, most just had a gut feeling.

I definitely don’t think that freelance work is for everyone and there are definitely drawbacks but for me it is the perfect fit and I hope to share more of my fabulous tips with you in the future.

My Own One Bedroom Apartment

I wanted to find a really nice apartment for myself, but I knew I would not have the time to go look at them all in person. I decided that I would just take my time and look at the different apartments for rent in Hattiesburg MS. I figured that even if I did this, it would still save me a lot of time since I could look at quite a few online in the same time it would take me to look at just one in person. It actually didn’t even take me that long after I looked at Breckenridge Park Apartments.

I really liked the location, but I was more concerned about the apartments themselves. I wanted to see the floor plans of the different ones to make sure that there was one that I would like. Continue reading “My Own One Bedroom Apartment”

My Luxurious Apartment is Home Sweet Home

I have lived in three different apartments before, and I thought that each one was nice for an apartment. When I got transferred Georgia for work though, I realized that I had not seen luxury apartments at their finest. It started when I did a search for Stockbridge GA apartments. I wanted to find an apartment before I moved there, as I am not the type to enjoy living in a hotel room for more than a day or two. I thought that if I started my search online, I could maybe travel down there for a few days to see it in person and get everything ready.

As soon as I saw the Retreat at Eagles Landing apartments, I knew that nothing else would do. The last apartment I had was the nicest by far, mainly because it had a nice fireplace in the living room. I knew that I wanted one in my new apartment too, but I was not expecting that and so much more as well. Continue reading “My Luxurious Apartment is Home Sweet Home”

Found a Place North of the City

Kelly and I have moved up the Hudson valley to this little town. It is not that far from NYC and I can hop on the train and meet with clients quite easily, but it is a lot cheaper and a lot more tranquil than where we used to live. The house is not too big, but it has more room than the two of us need. I have to find one of hose New York adt services, because it has all of the alarm systems and the home security cameras, but those do not do you much good unless you pay them to watch over them for you. The trick is to figure out how cheap you can get it done for obviously, because you do not need to pay a huge sum of money for this stuff. It is 10 or 15 dollars a month, then that is one thing. Continue reading “Found a Place North of the City”