Renting Your Photo Booth For Corporate Events

photo booth

A photo booth is simply a modern kiosk or vending machine which contains either an automated, generally coin-based, camera and/or film unit. Most modern photo benders are digital. What this means to the consumer is that the images from their photos will be on a screen that can be viewed on a television monitor or downloaded onto a computer. The images can also be displayed on a small projection screen, commonly called a flat panel monitor. These modern photo booths are great for weddings, family portraits, birthdays and corporate events.

Photo booths have become incredibly popular at corporate events because they make it easy to add more guests without having to deal with running a hot comb through the guest list to find them. As long as the photo booth staff knows how many people are in attendance they can proceed with their business plan. This makes it possible to leave the booth operational for additional guests without concern over cash shortages. It also makes it possible to add more guests without waiting for the cashier to count the money. There’s no need to worry about carrying around large amounts of cash, keeping track of who paid what and counting the change.

Most photo booths contain multiple displays for the same event so that all of the images from a particular show can be seen. Some companies allow customers to choose specific displays for specific guests. For example, if someone has brought a digital camera to the booth, they may be able to set up a photo booth display showing pictures taken by their guest. Another way to customize the display is to use text along with a photo to create a virtual photo collage on a large flat screen.

The props used inside of a photo booth are essential to the success of the photo booth experience. props such as, banners, signs, candy and drinks can all enhance the photo booth experience. They don’t have to be expensive, but they do need to complement the photo booth environment. The best props are made from high quality materials and constructed in such a way that they can withstand any type of weather.

Once you have all of your props purchased and working, you may want to rent them out. There are many professional photo booths rental companies that can rent out all or part of your photo booth setup. It’s always best to test the waters first with these rentals before signing a long term rental contract. Check to see how long the rental company has been in business and see what kind of reputation they have. You want to be assured that the company will return in a timely manner with quality props and without causing any damage to your photos.

Photo booths are a great addition to many corporate events, photo contests and family get-togethers. They allow attendees to capture special moments and share them with family and friends later. They are fun for employees and guests alike, making every photo booth experience a successful one for everyone. If you haven’t used one of these units in a while, you may want to consider renting them for next years’ corporate event or for other upcoming events.