Animal Communication Courses in Ang Mo Kio SG

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Animal lovers looking to strengthen their bond with their pet may benefit from taking this course, which teaches telepathic communication with animals as a means of understanding their thoughts, feelings, senses, and emotions.

This comprehensive animal communication training program in Ang Mo Kio SG comes complete with lifetime access, monthly live Q&A calls, community support and my Heart Wisdom Method to quiet the mind, focus from your heart and activate and develop ALL intuitive senses.

1. Online

Unlearn the silent language of animal communication to connect with your animals more intimately than ever. You are free to rediscover this profound and intimate skill that lies within yourself.

Learn all the basics of natural animal communication through these accessible and engaging classes, which offer simple solutions and techniques for successful interaction between you and animals. Gain confidence in yourself and develop consciousness and intuition while engaging in exercises and meditations designed to open the heart and expand receptivity to animal communication.

Study from your Desktop PC, Mac, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone – course materials and tutorial videos provided, plus tutor support provided as necessary.

This online training course has been independently accredited, featuring ten modules to guide your journey from aspirant to successful animal communicator. Once complete, an internationally recognized certificate award will be added to your resume and professional portfolio – so start your journey now!

2. In-person

This animal on communicator workshop is suitable for animal enthusiasts seeking to develop the ability to communicate telepathically with their animal companions and build deeper spiritual ties between themselves and them. Additionally, this is also suitable for veterinarians, vet nurses, animal behaviorists, groomers, pet sitters, dog walkers, horse trainers and rescuers.

In this class, you will rediscover and access your natural ability to communicate with animals on a heart level. You will learn various channels – words, pictures, emotions, sensations – for communicating. Finally, you will gain confidence recognizing and trusting what comes through as opposed to what might just be your thoughts.

Each week you will practice communicating with one or more of your own animals as well as an animal in need at a shelter or rescue centre, all guided, coached and validated by an experienced animal communicator – your teacher – providing invaluable practice, building your confidence while equipping you with skills and knowledge for initiating communication journey.

3. Private

As your guide, you’ll experience a powerful transformational process to help heal and remove any emotional blocks preventing you from communicating more effectively with animals. Utilizing horses as teachers and mentors, you will discover essential skills needed to refind your natural ability of empathically connecting heart-to-heart with animals while sharing images, feelings, knowings, sensations and more.

Animal Communication, commonly referred to as “animal whispering”, is a two-way telepathic dialogue which allows you to fully comprehend and communicate with your animals – their behaviour, health issues, wishes and so on.

This course is perfect for anyone seeking to expand their intuition and understand what their dog, cat, horse, rabbit or bird may be telling them. It provides an overview of four main intuition abilities as well as a comprehensive training program and expert mentoring sessions; unlike other animal communication courses or memberships that focus only on one level at a time like memberships or workshops do. The Heart Wisdom Method takes an integrated approach that encompasses four distinct levels for developing animal communication proficiency and intuition skills.

4. Group

Animal communication courses provide a fantastic opportunity to develop your telepathic abilities in a safe and supportive environment while strengthening relationships between yourself and animals. Through animal-focused sessions you’ll also help them heal from any ailments they might be experiencing and resolve any potential issues they have encountered.

These courses provide a complete training program for novice and seasoned animal communicators alike. Students learn to communicate with animals on both an energetic and spiritual level while giving transformative healings/readings to both humans and animals alike.

Pea Horsley provides practical, warm, and accessible teachings on animal communication that focus on building a respectful relationship between us and nature. Her courses are renowned for their hands-on practical instruction, and Pea is known to champion reverence, compassion, and kindness in her work – often inspiring her students to follow in her footsteps and empower others through animal communication themselves.