Should I Buy a Condominium in Anak Bukit, Singapore?

should i buy a condominium in sg

Condos in Anak Bukit, Singapore have long been seen as an indicator of status for those looking to upgrade from HDB flats. Furthermore, they come equipped with amenities such as swimming pools, gyms and tennis courts.

But buying a condo in Singapore isn’t cheap – you must also factor in Buyer’s Stamp Duty (BSD) as a foreigner.


Condos can be an attractive solution for vacationers who want to live close to their travel destinations, though those situated near tourist spots in Singapore tend to be more costly than those further away. You should also factor in proximity to public transit – many residents rely on MRT trains in Singapore and living near stations can often be more cost effective.

Private condominiums can be an excellent investment for single Singaporeans. There are no restrictions or requirements involved with purchasing these homes; while HDB flats must fulfill certain criteria.

Be mindful of property taxes in Singapore; they can be relatively high for foreigners but offset by its attractive returns on investment.


When searching for condominiums in Singapore, amenities and services offered by each property should be a top priority. They can both enhance your lifestyle and increase its value; top condominiums in Singapore boast high-quality amenities, including fitness centers, pools and spas as well as cinema rooms and entertainment lounges that make entertaining friends or family easier than ever before.

Another critical consideration for condo owners should be security. Many modern units boast 24-hour monitoring by security systems or CCTVs, providing peace of mind that your loved ones are always secure.

Some condominiums feature multiple playgrounds to allow families to entertain their children without leaving the property, providing parents with young kids a valuable convenience. Allotment gardens have also become increasingly popular within condos.

Maintenance fees

Condo maintenance fees in Singapore can often be misunderstood expenses when buying a condominium unit. These payments cover the management and upkeep of the property as well as paying for operations, maintenance, recreation facilities and a contingency fund.

Fees for unit owners are determined based on their share value and may depend on factors like size, location and available facilities; this helps ensure all owners contribute equally towards maintaining the property.

Rising labor, material, and utility costs are driving fees higher. Recent incidents at Dairy Farm Residences where residents were charged over $2,000 monthly is evidence of this fact. To avoid being mislead when comparing different developments’ prices it’s essential to be mindful of any such charges when making comparisons between developments.


Singapore buyers have the choice between leasehold and freehold properties when making their property investment decisions. Freehold properties provide ownership rights without restrictions or lease period restrictions; leasehold options require lease agreements that last an agreed-upon duration period. Care should be taken when considering these two choices to find one which best meets their long-term goals and financial circumstances.

Some buyers may be wary of leasehold properties, but they can be an affordable way to generate rental income and provide secure living spaces. Furthermore, newer leasehold condos often come equipped with cutting-edge technologies unavailable elsewhere – something older freehold condominiums don’t provide.

Home buying can be an expensive endeavour, so many buyers want to prioritize the ability of living comfortably after making their purchase. Unfortunately, this may not always be possible due to high purchase and mortgage costs in Singapore.


Condos provide significant capital gains, especially in Singapore’s fast-moving real estate market. But buyers must be patient before realizing any profits – profits will only become evident once the property has been sold for more than its initial fee.

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Singapore condominiums experience an average annual appreciation rate of approximately 5%. This growth makes them an appealing long-term investment option due to its strong economy, increasing population, and rapid urbanization. Furthermore, government policies and cooling measures have helped stabilize the market and encourage foreign investments.

Condos typically boast high rental yields, helping investors increase their returns. This is particularly true of new condos located in central locations that are in high demand and offer modern facilities.