How Digital Cooler Doors Can Benefit Retail Stores

digital cooler

A new digital cooler is a must have for the wine lover on your gift list. These nifty little devices come in many shapes and forms but basically they are still just another cooler all dressed up in a different color scheme. The difference is in the function. The digital coolers help you enjoy better wine while you’re out in the open air. What’s more, they make your wine drinking more convenient by giving you access to your wine without having to open a second bottle to find the one you want.

Digital coolers as the video above shows are sleek and smart. The electronic cooler s slick, IOT enabled screen displays products in their most attractive light, organize and present them in an attractive manner, with catchy ad messages to boot. And it’s not just the ads that get your attention. The digital coolers are also said to be equipped with sensors and cameras that are able to gauge customer characteristics such as gender and age, data that may then be employed to target customers with ads appropriate to their preferences.

The advantage of such an arrangement is obvious. Retailers stand to benefit from targeted marketing, reducing costs and increasing sales. The ads also serve as a reminder of your store to the customer, a call to action, which gets people moving forward to your store again, perhaps with the wish to sample what you’ve got on offer. The more people who go through your digital cooler the more likely you are to get more orders for the same or similar product. This in turn benefits your business because you’re assured of better profits as demand for your product or service increases.

What about the benefits to your customers? When people come into your shop to purchase a particular product and they find the fridge-mounted digital cooler is out of stock, they don’t just walk away without buying – they will most likely try another store. Or they’ll ask their friends or family if they can get hold of one of your level 1 products – perhaps those last minute deals in the summertime. Or if they see one sitting on the counter, they’ll be tempted to pick it up. Your competitors who chose a level 2 product to display will probably put it back on the shelf until it sells.

As well as helping you stay in business, this technology can also help your customers by reducing the effort required for you to display your goods and services. By putting your products and services on display inside a cooler that is continually being replenished with new digital media, you can reduce the time your shoppers spend looking for what they want. In-store displays, by their very nature, make customers hunt for their items of choice, so moving them around and through your aisles a few times can quickly become exhausting. With new digital display panels, however, you can simply swap between screens to display fresh inventory, thereby reducing the time it takes your shoppers to locate an item of interest. And because all the relevant information is constantly available, your shoppers will enjoy browsing the various product selections with ease, rather than the hassle of trying to find a specific product.

Because digital cooler doors are fully customizable, you can choose to display whatever ads you want – whether those are coupons, promotional codes, contact details, or advertising logos. If you’re not sure which ads will work for your business, let your design company know. They will design your store fixtures to suit your specific needs. The result will be a store that is both visually attractive, but also one that is quick to attract attention with helpful sales messages, and with attractive discount offers.

Not only can this technology benefit individual merchants and retail stores, it’s also ideal for e-commerce businesses. Because coolers can be quickly and easily switched out, electronic ad displays in retail stores can offer customers the latest ads on whatever product they are browsing. This way, consumers don’t need to repeatedly look for the hottest deals.

The convenience of digital coolers is quickly becoming appreciated by shoppers. Digital display panels make it possible to provide effective ad treatment for your business. They are convenient and effective, and they are an affordable solution for increasing your store traffic. Your sales will increase as long as you properly employ these tools.