Lumina Grand EC – A Lifestyle Preference

lumina grand ec

Lumina Grand EC’s ideal location and price on Lumina Grand near numerous prestigious schools makes it a top pick for families who prioritize education. Being so close to primary and tertiary institutions makes this urban home particularly desirable.

Keming Primary School, a favorite among parents, offers students an ideal learning environment. Equipped with modern facilities and boasting an outstanding team of educators, this institution ensures all their needs are met for successful educational experiences.

Strategic Location

Lumina EC Grand boasts an unparalleled location near shopping hubs and lifestyle attractions like Bukit Batok Town and Jurong Gateway, providing residents with easy access to an urban life both convenient and vibrant. Shoppers will find everything from international chain retailers to locally crafted artisan goods at these popular retail centres – they truly offer something for everyone at this incredible address!

Lumina Grand EC’s proximity to the Jurong Region Line (JRL) enhances its attractiveness as an attractive future home. This exciting infrastructural development promises significant time- and effort-saving commutes, offering residents easier travel to work or leisure destinations. Thus, this development should dramatically increase quality of living at Lumina Grand EC; making this estate attractive choice for homeowners and investors alike.

Lumina Grand EC’s location near several acclaimed schools provides an easy bridge between work and life; high-achieving students can quickly access schools that support their educational pursuits – an attractive feature to households that prioritize educational excellence as a top priority.

As for MRT stations nearby, this eco-friendly mode of transportation helps individuals reach their destinations efficiently without driving themselves – helping reduce carbon emissions while simultaneously contributing towards Singapore’s sustainability initiatives.

Modern Architectural Style

Lumina Grand Team has featured an architectural style that sets it apart from other public housing developments, making them particularly appealing to HDB upgraders looking for something different from other private condominiums in Bukit Batok. Furthermore, its modern facade and interiors make Lumina Grand attractive to potential HDB upgraders seeking a luxury living experience which stands out from private condominiums in Bukit Batok. Plus its upscale amenities, cozy community feel and potential property appreciation attract investors too!

With Jurong Region Line (JRL) just steps from Lumina Grand, residents can quickly and conveniently access an abundance of facilities quickly and effortlessly. This essential infrastructure shows Singaporean government commitment to Jurong development for future growth and prosperity in years ahead.

Lumina Grand’s close proximity to key transportation links also makes it an excellent choice for families with school-going children. Nearby are numerous acclaimed schools such as Dulwich College renowned for its world-class facilities and international ethos that create an optimal learning environment for its students.

Lumina Grand Site Plan provides convenient access to several shopping centres, such as Jurong Point Mall with its variety of retail and food outlets to meet every taste. Furthermore, its closeness to bus interchanges and major expressways make it an accessible and eco-friendly way to navigate the city.

Convenient Bus Network

Lumina Location Grand and proximity to major expressways such as PIE and BKE provides residents with easy, swift journeys across the city. Be it to Orchard Road or East Coast Park – residents will appreciate a hassle-free commute without much fuss. Additionally, an efficient road network helps minimise peak hour traffic congestion – creating more predictable commuting experiences for all involved.

Lumina Grand EC’s ideal location will put residents close to major MRT stations, with JRL providing additional connectivity between popular locations for shopping and dining. Such improved connectivity may boost property values at Bukit Batok West Avenue 5 EC and potentially provide future homeowners with higher returns on their investments.

Lumina Grand EC’s close proximity to esteemed schools makes it an attractive choice for families prioritising education. Primary and tertiary institutions can all be found within driving distance, providing children with an enriching yet empowering educational experience.

Community Club

Lumina grand offers more than just an address; it’s a lifestyle choice. Situated within walking distance to Bukit Batok town centre, its residents can take full advantage of city living without experiencing its typical hassles and hustles. Plus, with such an efficient road network in place, getting anywhere quickly becomes effortless.

No matter the occasion – be it grocery shopping, dining out with family and friends, or taking the kids to see the latest movie – all can be found within close proximity of Lumina Grand. Furthermore, the presence of Jurong Region Line (JRL) shows the government’s trust in this area as it will support future expansion and development projects ensuring Lumina Grand remains at the heart of a vibrant district.

Residents of Lumina Grand will have a vast array of shopping and dining options at their disposal, from the IMM to gourmet eateries in Bukit Batok and Jurong. Additionally, this EC is located nearby prominent educational institutions like Keming Primary School and Bukit Batok Secondary School that provide students with an enriching learning experience.

Residents can look forward to the opening of a community club that will offer workshops, classes and activities tailored for the whole family – helping residents learn new skills while enjoying hobbies from the comfort of home. In addition, residents will already have access to state-of-the-art gymnasium and tranquil swimming pool facilities available within EC. Fix your registration for lumina grand today.