A Popular Feature at Photo Booths Rental in New York City

photo booth rental

It isn’t uncommon to find photo booth rental prices that include a minimum number of hours for use. Instead of renting for an entire day, it is typical for most photo booth rental businesses to bundle three to four hours in the package deal. Some patrons even take it a few steps further by bundling several other common facilities, like lighting and audio, into the package deal. The price usually includes the rental of backdrop, a digital camera and an assortment of photo products, from prints to albums.

One of the biggest reasons people use photo booth rentals is that they can save money. Most venues provide a reduced rate if the purchaser provides a photo coordinator, which can be helpful if you have several family members that need props and don’t have extra to lend. Another way to save on photo booth rentals is to buy available props and decorations onsite. This allows a larger number of patrons to take advantage of the facility without making a repeated trip. Often there are deals available nationwide, allowing patrons to reuse props and decorations from one event and bring them with them when they go to the next.

Many photo booth rental companies offer package deals that include everything necessary to operate the equipment, but there are still ways to cut corners. Often the final price will include the basic necessities, including a digital camera, backdrop, lights, tripod, digital photo print and the appropriate storage supplies. If you want to make a big splash, look for a package that includes custom signage. This can be done on the outside walls or inside the photo booth package, and can be a great conversation piece.

One popular way to cut costs on photo booth rentals is to rent an infinite photo booth rental instead of purchasing individual components. These units allow multiple guests to be photographed simultaneously in a small space, with no additional equipment to buy. For this type of rental you are not locked into a definite number of pictures per customer. The number of customers you can have at any given time depends on your set up. Some companies have a limit on the number of pictures taken at any given time. An infinite photo booth rental gives you the ability to customize your experience to fit your needs.

A touch screen photo booth rental can also save you money by reducing the amount of work you need to do to set it up. Most come equipped with lighting, a beautiful backdrop and a comfortable reclining chair. You simply use a touch screen to activate the lighting and background, and sit back and relax. The attendant provides you with a fun environment to enjoy. She will hang the roll of film on a thin cord, and as you take a photo provide her with a fun little present that you both can keep. She’ll even provide a beauty mirror to use to apply your makeup and a special thank you message for your guests.

If your company prefers a more hands on approach, there are photo booths with an attendant to operate them. This allows you to still relax, but provides the attendant with an additional task to perform. The assistant will generally help you set up the booth, as well as answer any questions you may have about using the equipment, or providing makeup services.

A popular feature of many open air photo booths is the inclusion of an open air counter. At the end of each photo booth rental you will be given the opportunity to select an autograph postcard to use at your next event. Some come equipped with an open air chalkboard to add your own signature to the top of the postcard. Another popular feature is an open air refrigerator, complete with an ice cooler, counter and freezer. It is a perfect way to maximize the space you have available in your booth and give your guests the convenience of a hot cup of coffee while they wait for their turn to sign their name.

There are photo booths available for any type of wedding from a bride and groom to a group of children enjoying their very own photo booth rental at the local amusement park. New York City offers a plethora of options for the most memorable day of your life. Choose a photo booth rental in New York City and you will provide the easiest and most affordable way for your guests to capture this special event. You can find a location that best suits your needs, and that best reflects the style and fun you want your wedding to be.