My Luxurious Apartment is Home Sweet Home

I have lived in three different apartments before, and I thought that each one was nice for an apartment. When I got transferred Georgia for work though, I realized that I had not seen luxury apartments at their finest. It started when I did a search for Stockbridge GA apartments. I wanted to find an apartment before I moved there, as I am not the type to enjoy living in a hotel room for more than a day or two. I thought that if I started my search online, I could maybe travel down there for a few days to see it in person and get everything ready.

As soon as I saw the Retreat at Eagles Landing apartments, I knew that nothing else would do. The last apartment I had was the nicest by far, mainly because it had a nice fireplace in the living room. I knew that I wanted one in my new apartment too, but I was not expecting that and so much more as well. There are vaulted ceilings, huge walk in closets, and even a sun room, if you can believe that! The balcony is a really nice touch too, one that I have not enjoyed before.

Each apartment also comes with an intrusion alarm, which is probably my favorite feature. Even though the area is relatively safe, I know that crime can happen anywhere. I also like that there is a washer and dryer hookup in the apartment, and the entrance is private. There is nothing I don’t like about the apartment or the surrounding community, so it is no surprise that I decided to go ahead and put an application in. I was not surprised to have it accepted, but I was extremely grateful. I know that I am going to enjoy living in this area, mostly because of the apartment that I now call my home.