I Have to Remember That Things Will Always Work out

I work for a real estate agent who works on his own. One week after he hired me, he went on a scheduled vacation, so it was up to me to try to handle everything I could without feedback from him. While he was gone, I was trying to work on his books and needed help on one particular day. I called the Quickbooks contact number to get some help after I tried to solve the issue on my own with no luck. The person who took my call was patient and so helpful. If the situation had been that there was no one to call, I doubt that I would have figured out the problem on my own quickly. I would have panicked and then become highly stressed. I’m learning to take a deep breathe and remember that there is help for most everything.

I looked for a job for many months. I felt depression kicking in when I could not find one right away. Finally, the man I work for now hired me. I have run into this problem before. When you live in a large city, there are plenty of jobs to go around. There are thousands of offices to work in. If you’re a waitress, there are thousands of restaurants where you can apply for a position. However, in rural areas, work is often much more scarce. Many people have to drive to other cities to find a place to work. It took me awhile to calm down and realize that I would soon find employment.

As someone who has a lot of anxiety, I have learned that I need to plan things in advance. I need to focus on all the steps needed to get things done. The night that I was working on the books for my boss, I felt myself panic at first because he was out of town. I made an effort to stop that negative thinking. I told myself that I had trouble finding a job, but that I found one in the end. This is what helped me to remember to breathe and simply call a help number for a solution.